Integrity + Experience = Matrix

Client Testimonials

At Matrix Insurance Agency, Inc. we strive to provide exceptional service and live up to our high standards with every customer, every day. After conducting a survey to some of our most valued customers, Matrix Insurance Agency, Inc. has received excellent positive feedback that 97 percent** of our insured customers expressed positive reviews of their experience with Matrix. We want to thank all of our loyal customers for their years of commitment to Matrix and welcome future customers to experience our best in class agency.

**Based on SurveyMonkey results.  These are personal views of a select group of clients and may not be the experience of other clients.  The opinions are not indicative of future performance or results. Survey conducted for Martix Insurance Agency, Inc. clients and refers only to insurance clients. Clients of Guardian Life were not included in this survey.


  • "Matrix has always been there to help us and take time to call when problems arise."--Frank P.


  • "I recommend Matrix frequently."--Frank B.


  • "Matrix Insurance has always been very helpful with all my insurance needs. They are a cut above the rest, in my opinion."--Angie R.


  • "Matrix has been very responsive and timely with our needs to get new plans in place. Very pleased."--Leeda B.


  • "Matrix has served us well for 15 years."--Danyse B.


  • "We continue to be very satisfied with our relationship with Matrix Insurance Agency.  We have no criticism."--Jimmy T.


  • "Excellent Service."--David R.


  • "Great customer service. Great people who work there."--Donna S.


  • "Gary and Lori are great business partners for our firm and have been most helpful on short notice during our hectic last year and a half spent expanding our office footprint to Washington, D.C. and Miami,FL."--Eric H.